Child's Reign; we look to our offspring to govern, one day.

There are many parents just like me, who want the absolute best for their children. From the moment I gave birth to my two daughters I knew I had a job to do.


Caring for a child is the most challenging yet rewarding experience a parent can have. My name is Kelley Williams–Bolar  and I am an ex-felon. However, my crime was sending my two daughters to an out of district school. Never at any time did I burglarize or assault anyone. I did not rape or steal. I was charged and convicted for falsifying records because I enrolled my daughters in a safer, higher-performing suburban school in the school district where my dad lived. Governor John Kasick of Ohio gave me a second chance at life by giving me a pardon. Presently I work at a local High School with teens who have behavioral and emotional disturbances.




Please contact for speaking. Ms. Williams-Bolar speaks to schools and organizations. Talking with the youth is her passion. She tells her story and she gives hope to individuals that have went through a crisis in their life.  Ms. Williams-Bolar is an inspiration to so many people and she would love to speak at your next event. 

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